What we do

We're here to make debate more accesible

Here at the Quarantine Classic, we pride ourselves in creating an environment that is becoming increasingly seldom in the Speech and Debate community.

While Speech and Debate tournaments across the country boast an ‘Ideal environment’, you’re left with a wrong impression of what the activity is.


The 'Debate' Problem

At the Quarantine Classic, we found that the fundamental problem with debate tournaments is that the value and the meaning of them are constantly watered down. Rather than creating a professional environment, you are left with late rounds, poor judging, and a deteriorating tolerance for the activity. As well as that, you are left with a minute amount of opportunities to practice before the season starts.


Our Mission Statement

Create a tournament where debaters have to worry about the only thing they should have to: Debating

Oh yeah, and we don’t take a dime from you.


But don’t take our word for it

Let’s break down the numbers:

232 students

4 different countries

6 rounds of Debate

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